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Federal Inspection Station, William P. Hobby Airport
Houston Airport System

Completed 2015* Anticipated
New Construction
280,000 sq. ft.

Corgan Associates Inc.in collaboration with HarrisonKornberg Architects were selected to design the new West Concourse and Federal Inspection Station (FIS) at Houston Hobby Airport. This project will accommodate the growth of Southwest Airlines as they expand into the international market. The West Concourse will include five (5) new gates with one (1) additional swing gate for general aviation (GA) along with a redesigned Transportation Security Administration (TSA) check point. The FIS will house Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) to receive arriving international passengers to the U.S.

In addition to being a collaborating partner, Harrison Kornberg is leading the design, coordination, and delivery of the first two packages. Package 1, Enabling, includes the relocation and design of the Airport Operations, Badging, TSA, and the Houston Police Department (HPD) offices.  

The project is expected to break ground late September 2013.


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