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Senior Assisted Living Facility | Houston, TX
Optimum Personal Care

Completed 2008
New Construction
8,011 sq. ft.

HarrisonKornberg Architects was retained to design a new family style assisted-living facility for patients of varying levels of need and independence. The 8,000sf facility was designed to define and embrace the existing community garden while creating additional gardens of multiple sizes and degrees of seclusion.

The exterior façades employ materials similar to those on the two existing on-site facilities and maintain a similar, residential scale to create a unified campus. The facility’s interior spaces have been organized to allow for clear delineation between public and private zones. Public spaces have been oriented such that they open both visually and physically to the primary exterior garden while the bedrooms have been oriented to open to the more tranquil parkland at the rear of the site.

The project also included master planning the half acre site to address vehicular and pedestrian traffic as well as future expansion.

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