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Westbrook High School
Beaumont Independent School District

Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute Design Awards Program – Honorable mention, K-12 schools, 2012

Completed 2011
16,000 sq. ft.

The Westbrook High School addition was designed on the Fibrebond precast concrete modular building platform. Beaumont ISD chose this approach because they did not have the luxury of a lengthy construction phase. The modular platform allowed us to shave three months off the construction schedule, making the new addition operational in time for the start of school.

The added space includes twelve classrooms, a teachers’ lounge, and girls’ and boys’ restrooms. The concrete walls offer a high mass-enhanced R-value which translates to lower energy costs. The insulated concrete walls extend to the concrete roof slab ensuring as quiet a learning environment as possible.

We recognize that a building must be practical and above all functional. Without sacrificing creativity, we were able to design a building using this platform that earned us a design award through the Precast/ prestressed Concrete Institute in the K-12 category.

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