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Lawson Middle School
Houston Independent School District

Completion: 2017 Anticipated
New Construction
210,000 sq. ft.

Passed in the 2012 bond issue, Dowling Middle School will be replaced with a brand new school with a capacity of 1300 students. In an effort to become a premier educational institution, the new Lawson Middle School will provide students with a 21st century learning environment for the surrounding neighborhood.

The Vision for the new Lawson Middle School not only encourages student learning but also supports the community. Through several meetings with the community, a vision was set forth that will guide the development of the new facility into the 21st century. Lawson Middle School will take into consideration the site’s proximity to Sims Bayou, while keeping in mind the school’s identity through material selection, and creating visual and pedestrian connections with the community. The school has a strong program in Fine Arts and the new building design will integrate and reflect the Arts. In addition, 21st century standards will be studied and expanded to serve all of Lawson's students and teachers.

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