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Mickey Leland College Preparatory Academy for Young Men
Houston Independent School District

Completion: September 2017
New Construction
136,000 sq. ft.


Houston's Fifth Ward is a historically African-American community located just north of downtown. Due to the influx of new residents to the City and this neighborhood's proximity to the central business district, the Houston Independent School District sought to bring better facilities to the community by constructing a new 136,000 square foot all boys school.

This middle school/high school, grades 6 through 12, is located on the site that housed the original Phyllis Wheatly High School. Wheatly was once one of the largest African-American high schools in the United States graduating notable alums like Congresswoman Barbara Jordan, musician Joe Sample and the schoo'ls namesake Congressman Mickey Leland.

The community was actively involved in the design process to ensure that the new 21st century design paid homage to the history of the site and neighborhood. While modern materials like trespa were used to place emphasis on and showcase the school's robotics classrooms, masonry and decorative metal panels were employed in a manner that respected the historical buildings once on the site and in the neighborhood.

With a focus on science and technology, the Mickey Leland College Preparatory Academy includes state of the art robotics classrooms and science learning centers. It also includes a lecture hall, a multi-purpose room, learning commons, extended learning centers, and a gymnasium.


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