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Haltom’s Jewelers
Arlington Location

Completed 2009
New Construction
3,200 sq. ft.

Haltom’s Jewelers at Arlington Highlands is the latest of five Haltom’s locations in the Dallas / Fort Worth metropolitan area, and the second designed for Haltom’s by Daniel Kornberg.

The 3165 square foot space includes 2000 square feet of sales area and 1000 square feet for back-of-house functions. Special merchandizing areas include men’s and ladies’ watches, diamonds, wedding jewelry, and gifts. Sales staff work stations are located at the store perimeter, while the Point of Sale counter is incorporated into the central oval-shaped island. Major materials on the sales floor include hand-made wall covering and two varieties of wood veneered cabinetry. The custom millwork also occurs at critical ceiling locations to reinforce circulation patterns and customer perceptions of merchandise zoning.

Design of the lighting systems is critical in retail display and merchandizing. This lighting design blends low voltage halogen, ceramic metal halide, incandescent tungsten and fluorescent light sources to highlight the sparkle and shine of fine jewelry and meet all required energy codes.

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