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Albans Residence

Completed 2006
New Construction
4,800 sq. ft.

This private residence is located in the Southampton neighborhood of Houston, and is sited and scaled to fit into the existing built fabric. The program includes a family room, dining area, kitchen, his and her offices, three bedrooms and the master suite. The kitchen can be visually separated from the dining and family areas by a 10’ x 10’ steel framed wall that descends from a pocket in the ceiling. This wall will be covered by commissioned artwork.

The C-shaped plan forms a courtyard that is occupied by a swimming pool. Deep overhangs on two sides of the courtyard create shaded outdoor seating areas and protect the large glazed wall areas from sun and rain. Exterior materials will require no maintenance and include non-structural unglazed clay tile, metal wall panels and a standing seam metal roof. Windows and doors are anodized aluminum.

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